December 13, 2010

Brittney Caudle And Emma Westhusing FAIL At Bank Robbery

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Portland, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - Brittney Caudle (aka Brittney Sykes), 23, and Emma Westhusing, 19, were jailed after they allegedly robbed a credit union and then panicked when they arrived home to find a GPS tracking device had followed them home.

According to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office, Caudle and Westhusing planned to rob the Rivermark Community Credit Union for about a month preceeding the attempt because Caudle was having "money problems."

Investigators say Caudle entered the credit union and handed the clerk a note demanding cash while Westhusing waited outside with the getaway car. While the teller was handing over the money, Caudle reportedly asked "are you ready for Christmas?" and "Do you have any plans?"

Caudle then departed the bank with $1,370 in cash - which was accompanied by a GPS tracking device - compliments of the teller.

When the couple returned to Caudle's home to count the cash, they also found the tracking device, which they first thought was a dye bomb that failed to explode. Westhusing threw the device against the wall and then stomped on it. When the device failed to explode, Caudle reportedly searched the Internet to figure out what the device might be.

Frustrated with the mystery, Caudle panicked and then hid the device under a floor mat inside a purple Hyundai parked in front of her house.

Detectives arrived shortly after and found $1,370 in cash on Caudle's bed and the clothing Caudle wore during the robbery.

Caudle was booked into jail on a charge of bank robbery. Westhusing was jailed on a charge of assisting in a bank robbery.

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