December 27, 2010

Asshat Couple Jailed After Yanking Two Teeth Out Of Toddler’s Head While High On Oxycontin

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Hanover, Indiana (The Weekly Vice) - Jessica Carder, 22, and her boyfriend Andrew Richards, 27, were arrested Thursday after Richards allegedly pulled two teeth out of a 2-year-old child's mouth with a pair of pliers while high on Oxycontin.

According to Jefferson County Prosecutors, an investigation into the case was initially launched in mid November after the child's grandfather brought him to King's Daughter's Hospital with two missing teeth, visible gum trauma, swollen lips and blood clots.

Further examination of the child revealed additional bruising to the child's face and thigh.

During a police interview about the child's injuries, the couple reportedly gave inconsistent statements about how the child lost his teeth. Carder reportedly claimed that the toddler used a pair of pliers to pull his own teeth out. A medical examiner later concluded that it would have been impossible for a toddler to muster enough strength and pain tolerance to pull his own teeth out.

Medical examiners later concluded that the bruising on the child's face was likely a result of restraining the child while using pliers to pull his teeth out. Police also came into possession of a Halloween photograph that was also inconsistent with the couple's story of when the child lost his teeth.

During the execution of a search warrant on the couple's trailer home, investigators confiscated one of the child's teeth, which was found with the crown and root intact.

Faced with mounting evidence, Richards reportedly told investigators that the child had been complaining of tooth pain. He then stated that he pulled the child's teeth out because he "was probably on at least six or eight Oxycontin pills that night," according to the arrest report.

Carder claimed she was going to take the child to the dentist, however investigators were unable to find any pending dental appointments with a local dentist.

Richards was booked into the Jefferson County Jail on charges of battery to a child and criminal confinement of a child - both felony offenses.

Carder was booked on a charge of aiding battery to a child that resulted in serious bodily injury and neglect of a dependent - both felony offenses.

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