November 18, 2010

Steven Cowan - Jailed After Bristol Palin Appearance On Dancing With The Stars Leads To Complete Melt Down

Dane County, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Steven N. Cowan, a 66-year-old Verona man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly shot his television and created a 15-hour standoff with police - all because Bristol Palin had not yet been voted off Dancing With The Stars.

According to the Dane County Sheriff's Department, Cowan and his wife were watching Dancing With The Stars when he became irate because Bristol Palin was still on the show, and he did not think she was a good dancer.

Mrs. Cowan stated that her husband went upstairs for about 20 minutes, then returned with a shotgun. He then loaded the gun, and fired a shot at the television screen.

Investigators say after Cowan destroyed the TV, he then loaded another round and pointed the gun at his wife, demanding that she bring him his handguns. Mrs. Cowan grabbed her purse and left the residence, with Mr. Cowan believing that she was retrieving the guns.

He threatened that if she returned with any law enforcement, he would put a gun in his mouth and pull the trigger. Mrs. Cowen knew she had to get help anyway, so she drove to an attorney's office and called 911.

Officers were advised by Mrs. Cowan that there were several guns inside the residence. When police arrived on the scene, Mr. Cowan refused to surrender until 15 hours later, around 11:00 a.m. the next morning.

Family members state that Cowan was very stressed over financial situations, and that Bristol Palin's appearance on the show was the final tipping point that led to Cowan's tirade.

Cowan was booked into the Dane County jail and charged with second degree reckless endangerment and use of a dangerous weapon.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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