November 01, 2010

Shawn Posthuma Should Have Ordered The Happy Meal

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Shawn Posthuma, a 24-year-old Wisconsin man was charged Monday after he allegedly battered two women after his girlfriend refused to eat a hamburger he bought for her.

According to police, Posthuma was more than a little dismayed when he his girlfriend refused to eat a McDonalds meal he had purchased for her.

Investigators say Posthuma first demonstrated his frustration by throwing a few french fries at her in retaliation for refusing the burger. But when she threw his fries back at him, all hell broke loose.

That's when he reportedly grabbed a hamburger, chased the woman down and smashed it into her face. When the woman's sister tried to intervene, Posthuma reportedly threw her into a sliding glass door.

When the girlfriend tried to use her cellphone to call police, Posthuma allegedly threw the phone across the room and then headbutted her, causing a bloody nose.

After rearranging his girlfriend's face a bit, Posthuma told police that he "felt bad" about what he had done and helped her to the bathroom so she could clean up.

Posthuma told police that he has anger management problems and needs help. Officers agreed and wrote him a prescription for jail.

He was booked into the Fond Du Lac County Jail on two counts of disorderly conduct, domestic battery and intimidation of a victim. His bail was set at $500.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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