November 25, 2010

Ryan McNames - Jailed After Two Prostitutes Bring New Meaning To The Word “Trick”

Columbia, Missouri (The Weekly Vice) - Ryan McNames, a 19-year-old Missouri man was jailed Saturday after he allegedly complained to police that he had received only half the prostitution services he paid for.

According to Columbia Police, officers were dispatched on a theft report when they encountered McNames who was angry because two prostitutes took his money after performing half the services he paid for.

Investigators say McNames told them that he offered $60 to two prostitutes on the agreement that one would show him her breasts and the other would perform oral sex on him.

After he allegedly placed the $60 payment on a stereo, one of the women showed him her chest, but then both women grabbed the money and fled before he received the oral sex he had allegedly bargained for.

McNames asked officers to contact the women and get them to return at least $40 for an incomplete transaction. He also admitted to knowing that the transaction was illegal, but stated that he had done it before.

McNames was booked into the Boone County Jail on suspicion of patronizing prostitution. He was released after posting a $500 bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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