November 05, 2010

Red Light Roundup - Because The Family Who Plays Together Really Does Stay Together

Red Light Roundup (The Weekly Vice) - As pointed out yesterday, it has indeed been awhile since we've put together a Red Light Roundup.... It's nice to have readers who are a bit like family, so I thought I'd include a few recent arrests in this roundup that involve family members who were arrested together for prostitution.

Weedsport, NY - Out of the first three mugshots above, two of our devoted divas are sisters. Mandy Welch, 34, and Mindy Welch, 31 were busted at the Weedsport hotel after detectives arranged to meet them and their friend Kahila Bender-Baker for sex. The smiles on their faces prove beyond a doubt.... If you're going to get nabbed for something kinky, it might as well be in a town with a name like Weedsport.

Port Charlotte, FL - Charlotte County deputies leaped into action when they were informed that something sexual might be going on over at Aromatherapy Plus in Port Charlotte. Not that the company website doesn't SCREAM the likelihood of that already.

Either way, a detective called the business and spoke to a female who called herself "Sun." She informed him that there was a $30 door charge and that she "worked for tips."

When the detective entered the business, he was surrounded by three women who likely pouted when he informed them he was there to see Sun. Sun brought the detective back to a private room and promptly informed him that the aforementioned "tip" was $150. She then told him to "get comfortable" while she retrieved a condom. When asked what the condom was for, she explained that it was required for oral sex or intercourse. Once the woman was undressed, deputies pounced. Sun was later identified as 33-year-old Bonnie Wilson.

Philadelphia, PA - Our next delightful diva, 22-year-old Herman Burton, has likely turned his last $10 trick. Police say he strangled to death and then robbed a 49-year-old man on the 8th floor of the Omni Hotel. Burton then reportedly set fire to the hotel room as an alleged attempt to cover up the murder. Burton, was picked up on a street corner four days later. Just to make sure police knew he was the murderer, Burton was in possession of the victim's cell phone, credit cards and photo ID card.

Cedar Rapids, IA - Tina Townsend, 29, might be the ideal choice for horndogs who are on a budget. She was jailed after offering a plain clothes police officer oral sex for the unheard of low price of just $20. Townsend was nailed for prostitution on two prior occasions. In each instance she paid a $625 fine. At $20 a pop, you really have to wonder if she ever breaks even.

Bonita Springs, FL - The next three women were nabbed together. Graciela Rodriguez, who turned 35 on the day she was busted, arranged to meet a deputy for $100 per hour sex. She arrived for the trick toting her own massage table and oils. She asked the deputy to strip so she would feel comfortable that he wasn't law enforcement. As she began to rub him down, the deputy's minions pounced.

Kelly Goelz, 45, and Alexis Doty, 23, were a two for one bust. They reportedly arranged a deal where they would each earn $250 per hour to service the undercover agent. They then told the detective that they would have sex with each other for an additional $40 per hour. After the girls removed their clothing and the detective accepted the deal, deputies pounced.

Gastonia, NC - Lisa McDaniels, 30, was jailed after she was allegedly caught flashing her breasts to truckers in an attempt to solicit prostitution. As Gastonia police transported her to jail, she managed to wiggle out of her handcuffs and then terrorize the back seat of the patrol car. That led to an additional charge of resisting arrest.

During the jail booking process, she thought she'd end the evening's fun by kicking a deputy in the stomach while shouting "You're not taking me to a holding cell." That earned her an additional charge of assault on a government official.

And to think.... She likely would have been released within hours if she had just shut up and sit down. No one said she was bright.

Highland, NY - If you enjoyed watching The Munsters as a kid and have a mother/daughter sex combo fetish of some kind, look no further than Claire and Bridgetlee Goldstein. While their arrest for prostitution was quite ordinary, we really couldn't help noticing the absolute fortune they could make if they just put a little more imagination into their venture.

Outfitted in black clothing, fishnets, vampire fangs and pale face makeup, I think they'd have a shot at doubling their income from $10 a trick to at least $20.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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