November 16, 2010

Phil Nguyen Will Be Requiring A Room, The Padded Kind

Naples, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Phil Nguyen, a 24 year old Florida man was jailed Monday after he allegedly crashed his car, insisting the CIA was out to kill him with radiation guns because he posted a rant on YouTube.

According to police, Nguyen drove his car through the front doors of the Comerica Bank in Naples, one floor below an FBI office that was located in the same building.

Investigators say first responders arrived to find Nguyen's car up to 30 feet inside the bank, taking out a set of glass doors, a reception desk and an interior conference room wall. A set of tire tread marks on the bank's floor suggested Nguyen intended to travel further, despite a wall's insistence that he had gone far enough.

Nguyen, who had to be forcibly removed from his car, was rushed to a local hospital - and it was there the mystery surrounding his bizarre behavior began to unfold.

Police say Nguyen told officers that he believed the CIA had been sending large doses of radiation to him because of a YouTube rant he posted about the United States banking system.

Nguyen, who works at a local hotel, stated that CIA agents had been posing as hotel customers in an effort to blast him with radiation guns. He claimed to have no more than five hours to live.

Nguyen was booked into jail on a charge of criminal mischief over $1,000. The damage of Nguyen's little stunt was estimated at approximately $150,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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