November 23, 2010

Nurses Held Charles Robinson Down While The Doctor Probed For His Drug Stash

Naples, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Charles Everette Robinson, a 30-year-old Cape Coral man is facing additional charges after drugs were deputies allegedly found crack-cocaine inside his rectum.

According to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were booking Robinson into jail when he appeared to be holding something inside his rectum.

He reportedly began breathing fast and complaining of chest pains, so the facility nurse recommended that he be taken to a local hospital to determine the cause.

Investigators say Medical staff took X-rays of the suspect and asked him to undress so that they could continue the exam. Robertson, however, refused the exam stating "You are not going to stick your finger in my ass!".

He then reportedly became belligerent and aggressive, lashing out at the nurses who had to restrain him by holding him down on his stomach. A doctor was able to retrieve a golf-ball sized bag of what was believed to be crack cocaine from inside his rectum. It was later determined that the bag contained 29.8 grams of crack-cocaine.

Robertson instantly recovered and asked the accompanying deputy not to be mad because "he was just providing for his family." He was released from the hospital immediately, and returned to jail.

Robinson was booked into the Lee County Jail and charged with battery on a nurse, trafficking cocaine, introduction of contraband into a detention facility and two felony counts of driving while license is suspended/habitual offender. He is being held on an undisclosed bond amount.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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