November 14, 2010

Nathan Hensley To Horrified Wal-Mart Employee: “Look How Big It Is”

Kingsport, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - Nathan Hensley, a 27-year-old Kingsport man was jailed Sunday after he exposed himself to a Wal-Mart employee before using self-identifying government vouchers to purchase items at the store's check-out area.

According to Kingsport Police, a female Wal-Mart employee was stocking shelves around 1 a.m. when Hensley approached her from behind and began talking to her as she faced the shelves.

When the man stated "Look how big it is," the woman turned around to find Hensley holding his penis in his hand. He then reportedly walked away.

Investigators say Henley then walked up to the store's check-out area and purchased several items with government vouchers that contained the man's name and signature as well as the voucher's serial number. Surveillance video also allowed police to match the vouchers to a positive i.d. of the suspect.

The items Henley purchased reportedly came from the Women and Infant's sections of the store.

Henley was booked into the Kingsport jail on charges of indecent exposure. He was released after posting bond.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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