November 03, 2010

Matthew Nieveen - Jailed After Getting DUI Dressed As Breathalyzer Test

Lincoln, Nebraska (The Weekly Vice) - Matthew Nieveen, a 19-year-old Nebraska man was jailed Monday night after he went to a Halloween party dressed as a breathalyzer test - an interesting coincidence since he was jailed for DUI on the drive home.

According to police, an officer pulled Nieveen over after observing his Ford F150 being driven in an erratic manner. When the officer approached the vehicle, Nieveen was found intoxicated while being dressed as a breathalyzer test.

Investigators say a bottle of Vodka, several containers of beer and a half-full bottle of Mountain Dew were found inside the truck.

"He was dressed as a preliminary breath testing alcohol sensor and had been attending a Halloween party prior to the stop," stated the arrest affidavit.

A test of his blood alcohol level revealed that he was more than twice the legal limit of .08%. He was also found to be underage for consuming alcohol.

Nieveen was booked into jail on charges of drunk driving, negligent driving and possessing an open container.

The Weekly Vice profiled a similar incident last Halloween when an Oxford, Ohio man engaged in the same exact dumbassary.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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