November 17, 2010

Kristina Ross - Doctor Feel Good - Charged With Pretending To Be A Doctor While Performing Breast Exams On Female Bar Patrons

Boise, Idaho (The Weekly Vice) - Kristina Ross, a 37-year-old Idaho woman was jailed after she allegedly told several women at local bars that she was a doctor before performing breast exams on them.

According to Boise Police, Ross, who used to be a man before having reconstructive surgery, passed herself off as a doctor performing breast exams in an apparent effort to fondle women's breasts at local bars.

Police were first notified by a plastic surgeon's office, who told detectives the office had received several phone calls recently from various women who called to make appointments with a doctor that didn't exist.

Investigators contacted some of the women who told detectives they were trying to make appointments with a doctor they had met at various downtown bars to get more information about breast augmentation. Ross, reportedly used medical vocabulary and terminology with them that made her story as a doctor believable.

Ross performed a breast exam on the women, answered their questions about breast augmentation and then provided them with a number to a real doctor's office where they could call for a follow up appointment.

Ross was booked into jail on two felony counts practicing medicine without a license.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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