November 08, 2010

Kassandra Fields-Ralph Gave The Kitchen Sink A Polishing

South Brunswick, New Jersey (The Weekly Vice) - Kassandra Fields-Ralph, a 38-year-old in-home nurse was jailed Tuesday after she was allegedly caught urinating in a kitchen sink in front of the -year-old child she was entrusted to care for.

According to police a couple who hired a nurse to care for their special needs child became suspicious after noticing several items missing from their home.

The couple set up a surveillance camera to monitor the in-home nurse. When they reviewed the recording, however, they discovered she was up to far more than simply stealing from them.

Investigators say the surveillance camera showed Fields-Ralph pulling down her jeans and underwear, climbing up on the kitchen sink and then urinating in it as the child stood in front of her. She allegedly repeated the act on three separate occasions in addition to stealing a sweater from the home.

Fields-Ralph was booked into jail on charges of lewdness and child endangerment.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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