November 11, 2010

Dwayne Nelson Was One Part Genius And Three Parts Fool

Quincy, Massachusetts (The Weekly Vice) - Dwayne Nelson, a 38-year-old Massachusetts man was jailed Monday after he allegedly tried to sell at least three people a laptop computer, which turned out to be nothing more than a brick inside a box.

According to police, Nelson's scheme worked at least once when a woman gave him $100 for what appeared to be a brand new Netbook computer preserved inside a factory sealed box. When the woman got her prized laptop computer home, she opened the box to discover a brick that was held in place with crumpled up newspaper.

Nelson's downfall came in April when he was captured on surveillance camera at the same store attempting the same scam on another woman. This time the woman rebuffed his offer, however, store security noticed his activity and called police. Nelson was arrested a couple of blocks away.

When investigators looked inside the Best Buy bag he was carrying, they found a computer box wrapped in clear plastic with pictures from a circular taped to it. Inside the box, investigators found chunks of asphalt and crumpled up newspaper.

Nelson was booked into jail on a charge of larceny and attempting to commit a crime. He was scheduled to appear in court on November 23, however that apparently didn't stop him from attempting the scam yet again.

Nelson was arrested again on Monday after a witness told police that a man wearing sunglasses and a backpack was trying to sell a laptop computer for $100. When police searched the area, the found Nelson carrying a computer box that contained a brick inside.

Nelson was booked into jail on a charge of drug possession. He has been ordered to undergo a substance abuse evaluation before returning to court.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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