November 18, 2010

Deputy Finds Couple Passed Out In Car, Toddler Found Playing With Bottle Of Methadone

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Port Charlotte, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Ashley Sangiovanni, 22, and Adin Nicol, 29, were jailed Tuesday after a deputy allegedly found them both passed out in a car while a two-year-old boy in the front seat played with a bottle of Methadone.

According to the Charlotte County Sheriff's Office, a deputy called to a gas station parking lot arrived to find a couple passed out in a blue Volkswagon. Sangiovanni was laying face down on the floor of the car, while Nicol was behind the wheel.

The couple was unresponsive and didn't appear to be breathing - even after the deputy shook them and shouted for them to wake up.

In Nicol's lap deputies found a 2-year-old boy who was playing with a bottle of Methadone. When the deputy opened the car door, the child nearly fell out and was caught just before hitting the parking lot pavement.

During a search of the vehicle, deputies found five bottles of liquid methadone that the couple had recently picked up from a local clinic. The deputy also discovered a clear plastic baggie with 16 Roxycodone pills and a straw. The straw later tested positive for opiates.

Sangiovanni and Nicol, who eventually woke up, were booked into the Charlotte County Jail on a charge of child neglect.

Nicol was additionally charged with driving under the influence while Sangiovanni was additionally charged with possession of Roxycodone and drug paraphernalia.

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