November 21, 2010

Brian McNemar Wasn’t A Straight Shooter

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Canton, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Brian McNemar, a 22-year-old Ohio parolee was jailed Thursday after he allegedly used a "Whizzinator" device to fake a urine drug test, but the device apparently 'backfired' instead.

According to police, McNemar was on parole for drug and stolen property offenses when he was required to submit to a urine drug test.

McNemar allegedly arrived to his drug test outfitted with a "Whizzinator" - a device used to store a clean urine sample and then deliver the sample through a rubber prosthetic penis at the time a drug test is taken.

Investigators say McNemar delivered the sample, however when the probation officer asked him to turn around, McNemar was found to have a wet spot on the back of his pants.

McNemar was sentenced Thursday to 30 days in jail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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