November 04, 2010

Amy Jenkins Got The Big Facebook De-Friend - Introduced Her Boyfriend’s New Sex Partner To Five Brand New Friends

Tifflin, Iowa (The Weekly Vice) - Amy Jenkins, a 23-year-old Iowa woman was jailed after she allegedly attacked a woman after finding her in bed with her ex-boyfriend - who had just dumped her over Facebook.

According to police, Jenkens had recently been dumped by her boyfriend over Facebook when she decided to go to his apartment to have a few words with him in person.

But when she got there, he wasn't exactly alone.

Investigators say Jenkins lit up like a Christmas tree after discovering him in bed with another woman. That's when she reportedly grabbed the woman's hair and then punched her. The woman reportedly suffered "bruising, bumps and emotional distress" from the altercation.

Jenkins was booked into jail on a charge of assault causing bodily injury.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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