November 08, 2010

Alan Patton - Jailed After Collecting Urine Out Of Burger King Toilet

Delaware, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Alan Patton, a 59-year-old Ohio man was jailed Friday after he allegedly collected another person's urine out of a fast food toilet - a behavior he's been arrested for in the past.

According to the Delaware County Sheriff's Office, an off-duty deputy using the restroom at a local Burger King restaurant became suspicious when he observed Patton acting strangely in and around a toilet inside the restaurant.

After observing Patton for several minutes and attempting to speak to him, the deputy discovered that he had placed a device inside the toilet for the purpose of collecting urine. What's more, the restroom was near a play area where children were known to congregate.

Patton was arrested and convicted last year after he was caught collecting urine out of another local business. At the time, Patton could only be charged with criminal mischief because no law existed that specifically banned the act of collecting a person's urine.

The behavior prompted lawmakers to create a law making it illegal to collect an person's bodily substance without their consent. And now that law is being put to good use.

Patton was booked into the Delaware County Jail on charges of criminal mischief and unlawful collection of a bodily substance. His bond was set at $7,500.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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