October 14, 2010

Two Prostitutes Beg For A Jailing After Calling Police On John Who Refused To Pay

Cincinnati, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Megan C. Taylor, 20, and Donna Toure, 34, two Cincinnati area prostitutes were jailed Monday after a customer refused to pay one of the women, and she reported him to the police.

According to Cincinnati police, officers were called to a Camp Washington hotel on a report that hostages were being held at gunpoint, and they needed help fast.

When officers arrived, they found no hostages. Instead, they found Taylor who told police that her customer, Geoffrey Miller, refused to pay her for sex services and that she falsified a police report in an effort to get him arrested.

Toure was also in the hotel room during the incident, but told police no sexual activities went on between her and Miller. After finding a crack pipe in her possession, police took her into custody.

Both women reportedly had active warrants for unrelated charges that included assault and child endangering.

Taylor was booked into the Hamilton County Jail and charged with inducing panic and soliciting. Her bond was set at $4,000.

Toure was booked into the same jail and charged with soliciting and possession of paraphernalia. Her bond was set at $2,000.

Toure was featured on The Weekly Vice back in March when she allegedly offered sex to an undercover officer for $5 and a Jaw-Breaker. she was also busted for leaving her children at home alone, making this the third time she has made headlines.


Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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