October 28, 2010

Teen Gunman Gets Severe Beat Down After Attempting To Rob Transvestite Prostitute

Cincinnati, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Rufus Bowman, a 16-year-old Ohio man was sentenced to jail Tuesday after he apparently picked the wrong prostitute to rob back in mid July.

According to Cincinnati Police, Bowman approached Joshua Bumpus, a transvestite prostitute who was dressed in a pink halter top and pumps, pretending to be in need of sexual services.

Investigators say Bowman and the 6-foot-3 Bumpus had gone to a nearby alley to complete the transaction when Bowman pulled a gun.

The two men reportedly fought until Bowman managed to get a shot off. The bullet reportedly entered Bumpus' arm, continued through, and then lodged in his ribs. Bumpus, however, continued to fight, eventually wrestling the gun away from Bowman.

That's when Bumpus commenced a red head quality beat down on Bowman.

"He grabbed Bowman by the hair and beat him down," said Hamilton County Asst. D.A. Ryan Nelson. "He beat the (expletive) out of him."

Bumpus was still putting a serious hurt on Bowman when his transvestite friends flagged down a Cincinnati police patrol car.

Bowman was charged in adult court with felonious assault and having a firearm while under criminal disability. He was sentenced on Tuesday to three years in jail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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