October 05, 2010

Steve Ewing - Jailed After Attacking Neighbor’s Yard With Poison-Filled Squirt Guns And Water Balloons

Bradenton, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Steve Ewing, a 35-year-old Florida man was jailed Thursday after he reportedly used a squirt gun to kill his neighbor's plants in an alleged dispute over drug money.

According to Bradenton Police, officers had pulled Ewing's vehicle over for driving on a suspended driver's license when he reportedly admitted to using a squirt gun and water balloons to poison his neighbor's plants.

Investigators say he admitted to using Roundup weed killer to attack his neighbor's plants in retaliation for drug money he said his neighbor owed him.

Ewing reportedly went on to confess that he used squirt guns to damage plants in his neighbor's front yard, while using weed killer-filled balloons to attack his neighbor's back yard.

The incidents allegedly took place between May and July of this year.

Ewing was booked into the Manatee County Jail on charges of criminal mischief. His bail was set at $500.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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