October 28, 2010

Sabrina Smith And Amanda Wills Ate Well, While Starving 6-Year-Old Down To Just 18 Pounds

Beckley, WV (The Weekly Vice) – Sabrina Smith, 41, and Amanda Wills, 30, were arrested Tuesday after they allegedly starved a 6-year-old girl so severely, she was just 18 pounds when police found her.

According to Beckley Police, officers were first notified by Child Protective Services October 13th after the child was brought to the hospital in an unconscious state, and was admitted in critical condition.

The child's core temperature was 80 degrees with a blood sugar level of 2 (80-120 is the normal range). When her condition was stabilized, she was airlifted by HeathNet to Charleston Area Medical Center where it was determined that the cause for her state was malnutrition due to neglect.

Smith, who is the child's biological mother, and Wills, a roommate and guardian, were both interviewed by officers who found enough evidence to obtain a search warrant and ultimately an arrest.

Investigators say the child was discovered to be severely malnourished, weighing in at only 18 pounds. She also showed other evidence of physical abuse, including copious bruising all over her body and various other injuries. Smith and Willis reportedly confessed to restraining the girl in a car seat that had no fabric padding, using zip ties to keep her stationary for long periods of time.

Although there were five children in the home, investigators believed that the girl was singled out for abuse and that the other children may have also participated in some of the abuse.

The suspects told detectives that they restrained the girl to keep her out of the cabinets; police believe it may have also been used as a form of punishment, as they were told the girl was forced to sleep in the car seat, which caused sores to the child's body.

The child has since been released to CPS and placed in a foster home, as were her other siblings.

Smith and Wills were booked into jail on charges of attempted murder and child abuse. They are being held at Southern Regional Jail, both on a $500,000 bond.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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