October 15, 2010

Roxine Cobb Has A Stunning Personality

Jacksonville, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Roxine Cobb, a 43-year-old Florida woman was jailed Tuesday after she allegedly zapped her son's football coach with a stun gun following an argument with him.

According to Jacksonville Police, a Sandalwood High School football coach told detectives he had been arguing with Cobb on Monday when she stormed off angry.

Cobb returned to practice on Tuesday wielding a stun gun.

Investigators say Cobb walked up to the coach and zapped the him in the chest. After enjoying several thousand volts of electrical bliss, the coach was able to slap the device out of Cobb's hands. Police rolled up on the scene just a few moments later.

Cobb was booked into jail on charges of battery and discharging a weapon on school grounds.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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