October 27, 2010

Ortise Aye - Jailed After Ejaculating Onto Woman’s Arm At Library

Takoma Park, Maryland (The Weekly Vice) - Oritse Ayu, a 29-year-old Baltimore man was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly ejaculated onto a woman's arm at at a college campus library before exposing his penis to her.

According to police, a woman was reading a book at the Montgomery College Library in Tacoma when Ayu walked past her and then ejaculated onto her arm.

When the woman turned around to see who had shot a load on her, she was greeted with Ayu's erect penis.

The woman alerted campus police to Ayu's assault, however he ran to his car and fled the campus before he could be detained.

The woman provided a description of the suspect, and DNA evidence from her arm helped police to locate and identify him.

Ayu was booked into jail on charges of 2nd degree assault and indecent exposure.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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