October 19, 2010

Noemi Duchene Committed Severe Robbery FAIL - Complete With Trash Bag Mask And Wheelchair Getaway Vehicle

El Paso, TX (The Weekly Vice) – Noemi Duchene, 44, and Luis Del Castillo, 45, were arrested Tuesday after an attempted jewelry store heist took an almost comical nose-dive. Their apprehension comes as no surprise since Duchene masked herself with a trash bag and planned to make her getaway in a wheelchair.

Investigators say the couple, who live in a nearby apartment complex, showed up at 'Estate and New Jewelry' Tuesday morning and made preparations to rob the store.

Duchene vacated her wheelchair, covered her face and upper body with a black plastic trash bag, and entered the store at which point she pulled out a kitchen knife and demanded “everything.”

Authorities say the store owner, Linda Bradley, opted not to cooperate with the robber, and retaliated by brandishing a stun gun. Bradley chased the the masked woman around the store for a bit before Duchene was finally taken to the ground by a customer who held her until police arrived. Del Castillo remained outside with the wheelchair.

“I knew I could outrun her, because she was obviously not very quick,” said Bradley.

The pair are being held on aggravated robbery charges, however a final list of charges are not yet available.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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