October 27, 2010

Mental Patient Discovers How To Avoid Serving Hard Time In Jail, Strangle a Nurse To Death

Napa, California (The Weekly Vice) - Jess Willard Massey, a 37-year-old mental patient was jailed Saturday after he allegedly stabbed an attending psychiatric nurse over $2.

According to the Napa County Sheriff's Office, Massey strangled a psychiatric nurse to death after demanding cash and cigarettes.

Investigators say Massey grabbed the victim, hit her in the face and then dragged her over a wall where he strangled her with his hands. The woman's body was found just after 6 p.m. on Saturday.

Deputies later found the woman's watch, two necklaces and a small amount of cash in Massey's room.

"It was less than $2 cash," said Sheriff's Office spokesperson Capt. Tracey Stuart.

Massey was charged Tuesday with murder and second degree robbery with special circumstances.

Massey was placed at the Napa State Hospital in 1997 after a court deemed him insane in connection to an incident where he stabbed a 49-year-old woman as she walked to her truck in a parking garage.

In a plea bargain, Massey pleaded guilty to attempted murder by reason of insanity, but was found guilty on charges of assault and carjacking.

A Sacramento Superior Court judge ordered Massey to be confined to a mental institution until his sanity returned - at which point he would begin serving a 31-year prison sentence for carjacking and assault.

The Weekly Vice Opinion:

Let's see... If you happen to like a mental institution just a little better than serving hard time in the state pen, what better way to prove that you're still insane. Humm.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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