October 27, 2010

Matt Gone Decides 98% Tattoo Coverage Is Not Enough, Inks Eyeballs

Portland, Oregon (The Weekly Vice) - Matt Gone, an Oregon man who has been deemed Portland's most tattooed man had a problem. His tattoos only covered 98% of his body, leaving just 2% left to reach 100% inked status.

And where did he plan to pick up the extra 2%? By tattooing his eyeballs.

Gone, who states he first began getting tattoos 20 years ago to help mask a muscular birth defect, is now fairly well known across Oregon for the black checker pattern he's adorned himself with. But 98% ink was only a nagging reminder that his work wasn't quite finished.

And now that too has been inked.

Gone tattooed his eyeballs by injecting blue ink into his left eye and green ink into his right eye.

"I'm glad I did it (but) I got lucky," said Gone. "But it's at your risk and I'm not going to help you. I did this for me, this is my project, my body."

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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