October 07, 2010

Man On Trial After Somehow Convincing 19-Year-Old Girl That Having Voodoo Sex With Him Would Improve Her Bad Luck

Queensland, Australia (The Weekly Vice) - Ronald Griffith, a North Queensland Australia man, is now on trial in a case in which he allegedly conned a 19-year-old girl into stripping naked and then raped her by claiming he could perform a voodoo sex that would help her father avoid going to prison.

Queen Court prosecutors say Griffith placed a 19-year-old girl in a compromising position so he could take advantage of her youth and insecurity by using garden rocks, the blowing of cigarette smoke and eventually sexual assault and rape in a ritual he said would keep the girl's father from going to jail.

Mr Griffith pleaded not guilty to two charges of rape and one of indecent assault when his trial started before Judge John Baulch.

Investigators say the girl met up with the man at a hotel last June, where he proceeded to get the girl intoxicated while she told him about her father's impending jail situation and recent trouble with a miscarriage. That's when Griffith reportedly began talking about performing a ritual that he said would help her have good luck.

They collected a number of "voodoo" stones from a garden bed, and then went to an abandoned house, which the man said they needed for full concentration.

A sort of ritual was started, however when the girl said she was feeling uncomfortable, she was told that once the ritual had begun, they could not stop until it was over - otherwise her father's impending jail situation would get worse instead of better.

He then told her to take her clothes off and when she baulked, Griffith again told her once the ritual had started it had to be finished.

The girl eventually undressed and laid on a mattress under which the garden rocks had been placed. That's when Griffith began touching her, running his hands over her face, her breast, belly and then her genital area.

Despite the girl complaining that she didn't like what was happening, the man then removed some of the stones from under the mattress and placed them on her body.

He said they each represented something mystical, and he then resumed the sexual assault, telling her that despite her two miscarriages, what he was doing would help her become pregnant.

The prosecution said at this stage, Griffith lit a cigarette and blew smoke on her, which he said was part of the ritual.

The alleged assault ended when the girl yelled out in pain. She got dressed and they left.

Mr Stone then called the girl and she gave her evidence to a closed court. The trial continues this morning.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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