October 27, 2010

Machete Wielding Wife Chases Off Two Attackers

Matthew Strunk Jail Booking Report
Ryan Benevento Jail Booking Report

Spring Hill, FL (The Weekly Vice) – Matthew Strunk, 21, and Ryan Benevento, 20, were arrested Saturday after the two men attacked a man...only to be run off by his machete wielding wife.

According to the Hernando County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched after receiving a report of an alleged battery attempt. When deputies arrived, the victim's wife informed them that Strunk and Benevento had assaulted her husband, and that she fought back with a machete.

Investigators say Strunk and Benevento repeatedly knocked on the window of the victim's daughter. She asked them several times to leave, but the two persisted. The father became agitated and went outside to tell the men to leave his property. When they attacked him, he returned to the house, only to be followed by Strunk and Benevento, who began hitting him.

Authorities say the victim's wife took action, grabbing one of the men by the hair with one hand a machete with the other. The men eventually fled the scene to avoid the woman.

The arrest report goes on to say that Strunk and Benevento denied entering the home; however a neighbor reported that he saw the two go inside only to be chased back out by the machete wielding woman.

Strunk and Benevento were each charged with one count of battery and one count of burglary. They are being held in Hernando County Jail on $15,500 bond.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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