October 08, 2010

John Morrill - Jailed After “Whooping” Boy’s Bottom So Severely, He Couldn’t Sit In School

Crestview, FL (The Weekly Vice) – John James Morrill, a 34-year-old Crestview man, made sure a young child wouldn't be able to sit in school after administering a severe beating with a butcher block cutting board.

Days later, Morrill found himself sitting - in jail.

According to the Okaloosa County Sheriffs, the young boy was having problems sitting in school and deputies were called to investigate. Upon speaking to both the boy and Morrill, it was determined that there was abuse in the home and Morrill was taken to jail.

When authorities examined the child, they saw that he had been beaten so badly with a cutting board that there were large, deep bruises across his buttocks, making it extremely uncomfortable for him to sit at his desk. In addition to be being hit twice with a 12” wide, 2 pound slab of wood, the boy as well as other children in the home also told police that they were made to drink hot sauce and to stand in a corner for a week when they were “bad.”

The arrest report goes on to say that Morrill, who also admitted to “whooping” the child for lying, denied making the children stand in a corner for a week, claiming it was only three or four hours. Another adult confirmed this time frame and the hot sauce disciplinary method, but stated that the children were given milk and bread to reduce the effects.

Staff members with the Children's Advocacy Center agreed with investigators, stating that the injuries were the result of abuse.

Morrill was booked in to Okaloosa County Jail and charged with felony cruelty child abuse without great harm. Bond information was not available.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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