October 04, 2010

Jason Davis Loves Kitties To Death - Or So He’ll Tell You

Cookeville, Tennessee (The Weekly Vice) - Jason Donald Davis, a 32-year-old Tennessee man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly tortured a friend's cat.

According to Cookeville Police, officers were dispatched after a woman came home to find Davis strangling a neighbor's cat to death.

Investigators say the woman arrived home to find a man wearing blue jeans and a military style field jacket holding a cat's head down as it struggled and hissed.

When she confronted him about what he was doing, he allegedly responded by stating, "I love kitties." He then went on to tell the woman he was friends with the cat's owner.

That's when he reportedly picked up the cat's lifeless body, cradled it in his arms and walked away, according to the arrest report.

The woman spoke to the cat's owner later that day after seeing her outside calling for it. The owner knew who Davis was and confirmed that he had been a friend of the family.

Police interviewed Davis who denied injuring the cat, stating that it was still alive and uninjured. The cat was discovered dead, however, near a barn across the road.

A veterinarian who inspected the cat concluded the animal had suffered a broken jaw, severe head trauma and other injuries.

Davis was booked into the Putnam Jail on a charge of animal cruelty. His bail was set at $5,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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