October 26, 2010

James Thompson Did A Little Cutting And Tattooing

Lufkin, TX (The Weekly Vice) – James “Jacob” Thompson, 22, of Groveton was arrested last Tuesday after he allegedly cut a birth control device out of a teenage girl's arm before giving her a tattoo.

Investigators from the Angelina County Sheriff's Office say they were informed that Thompson gave a tattoo to a 16-year-old girl and further removed a surgically implanted birth control device from her arm.

According to the arrest report, authorities were contacted October 12th with a report that Thompson had tattooed the 16-year-old at a party, in addition to cutting open her arm to remove a birth control implant. Thompson was paid $20 for his services.

Authorities say when they caught up with Thompson, they learned he had several outstanding warrants with the Lufkin Police Department. He was also found with an unmarked pill bottle containing once pill of ecstasy.

Thompson was charged with practicing medicine without a license, tattooing at an unlicensed facility, tattooing a prohibited person, possession of a controlled substance, and his 14 outstanding warrants, which included driving without a license and leaving the scene of an accident. He is being held on $13,000 bond.

The Weekly Vice Opinion

Is anyone else envisioning a dimly lit trailer with orange shag carpeting, a sea of Natty Light cans, overflowing ashtrays, and a copious sprinkling of meth?

Ugh. Just looking at this guy's picture makes me want to take a shower. What teenage girl would let this creep touch her, let alone allow him to go all Doctor House on her frickin' arm?

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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