October 12, 2010

Drunk Man Jailed After Chasing One-Legged Goose Into River, Requiring Rescue From Frigid Waters

Wausau, Wisconsin (The Weekly Vice) - Troy Kaczor, a 40-year-old Wausau man was jailed Thursday after he allegedly jumped into the Wisconsin River to chase a one-legged goose, then had to be rescued from the cold waters.

According to Wausau police, Kaczor took off his shirt and shoes and dove into the river at Big Bull Falls Park in downtown Wausau.

He was attempting to catch a one legged goose in hopes of roasting it, however the hobbled goose had other plans.

Investigators say Kaczor, who was heavily intoxicated, was unable to escape the river's frigid waters and had to be rescued by Wausau firefighters. The temperature had only reached 72 that day, making the river too cold for swimming.

Kaczor was booked into Marathon County Jail on prior bail-jumping charges.

His failed goose dinner is still at large, according to police.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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