October 14, 2010

Collier Man Finishes Up Driver’s License Exam In High Style - Crashing Through The Front Doors Of The Driver’s Bureau

Collier, Pennsylvania (The Weekly Vice) - Robert Keller, a 34-year-old Pennsylvania man thoroughly nuked his driver's exam when he not only wrecked his vehicle at the conclusion of the test, he managed to drive right through the front doors of the driver's license bureau and into the building's lobby.

According to Collier police, Keller was finishing up his driver's test and pulling into the front parking lot of a driver's license bureau in Collier when the accident occurred.

"He thought he had it in park but he didn't," said Collier Police Sgt. Brian Halbleib. "The car jumped the curb when he took his foot off the break. He panicked and hit the accelerator, and went through the front."

10 customers who were seated inside the building ran for their lives as glass shattered around them. Keller's vehicle came to a screeching halt, leaving skid marks, twisted metal and shards of glass in it's wake. Four people suffered minor injuries.

Keller was not cited, since police ruled the crash an accident, however.......Mr. Keller did not pass his exam.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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