October 11, 2010

Asshat Neighbors Taunt Dying Child Over Facebook

Trenton, Michigan (The Weekly Vice) -Society is faced with the sad reality that children today can be horribly cruel. Unfortunately, so can adults, like Scott and Jennifer Petkov of Trenton, who are accused of posting detestable Photoshopped pictures...of a dying 7-year-old girl.

Kathleen Edward is in the last stages of Huntington's Disease, a brain-degenerative disorder that took her mother at the age of 24, and will soon rob her of her own young life. And the Petkovs, in retaliation over a neighbor dispute with Kathleen's maternal grandmother, Rebecca Rose, sought to hit the Edward family where it would hurt: by posting on Facebook pictures of the girl's dead mother wrapped in the arms of the Grim Reaper, and a picture of sweet-faced Kathleen with crossbones below her, her face in the position where a skull would normally be.

Police (and neighbors) say the road leading to the events that transpired last Thursday actually began two years ago, during a birthday party. Jennifer Petkov sent a text message to the Rose family, who were hosting the party, asking if her children could join the festivities. When she didn't receive a prompt response, she began harassing the Rose family from that day forward. After repeated phone calls to police by both parties, and a personal protection order placed on the Petkovs by the Rose family, the police were called again about the deplorable pictures posted by Jennifer Petkov as well as the pick-up truck belonging to the Petkovs that was parked outside of the Rose's home – a pickup painted with tombstones, and with a coffin hitched to the back.

The Petkovs have asserted, both to police and to news crews, that the truck is a Halloween decoration.

When asked why she would post such horrific pictures, Jennifer Petkov replied with indignant vitriol, “Because it burns [Rebecca's Rose's] ass.” She also claims she did it for the “personal satisfaction.”

Scott Petkov has since removed the truck and the pictures, and issued a public apology to the Rose family, calling their actions “ignorant” and in retaliation for things said about his wife and his home.

No charges were filed and no arrests were made on Thursday.

A rally is being held for Kathleen on October 23rd.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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