October 25, 2010

Andrew Johnston Wasn’t About To Let A Crying Baby Interupt The Game

Bedford County, TN (The Weekly Vice) – Andrew Johnston, 18, of Bedford County, TN was arrested October 15th after shaking his son so severely that the child had a stroke, and later died.

Responding officers with the Tullahoma Police Department say Johnston became angry with his one-month-old baby and violently shook him. The child became unresponsive and, after a failed attempt to revive him, Johnston called for an ambulance.

According to the arrest report, Johnston was playing video games when the infant began crying. Angry that the child would not stop, Johnston's shook his baby. When the little boy failed to respond to stimulus, Johnston put the child in a cold shower in an attempt to revive him. He then called an ambulance, who transported the child to Harton Memorial Hospital.

According to reports, the child was treated at Harmon on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday, the baby's mother, Amanda Voss, 18, advised nurses that her son had again become unresponsive and that his left eye was extremely dilated. Doctors discovered a brain hemorrhage and ordered the infant to be transferred to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville via LifeFlight. En route to Vanderbilt, the child suffered a stroke.

Bedford County Investigator Becky Hord reported that the baby underwent surgery upon his arrival, but remained in critical condition. The child passed away on Friday.

Johnston was initially charged with aggravated child abuse and is currently being held in Bedford County Jail on $100,000 bond. Investigator Hord plans to meet with the D.A.s office this week to discuss elevating the charges.

Rebecca Diamond
The Weekly Vice

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