October 18, 2010

Amanda Lunsford Took A Gamble And Her Toddler Son Paid The Price - Child Ends Up With STD

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Albuquerque, New Mexico (The Weekly Vice) - Amanda Lunsford, a 26-year-old Hollywood, Oklahoma woman was jailed after her toddler son was diagnosed with an STD as a result of alleged child abuse.

According to Albuquerque police, Lunsford and her son were staying at her sister's house last spring when her sister noticed that the child was always crying. The sister took the boy to a doctor to have him examined for any signs of abuse but none were found. Child and Family Service workers also investigated the family, but the case was closed when Lunsford moved to Texas.

Investigators say that shortly after arriving in Texas, Lunsford gave up her son to a sister-in-law who also became suspicious and took the child to see a doctor. This time the child tested positive for an STD. Examiners also found cuts and scratches on the toddler's body and bruising on his face and buttocks.

Investigators say Lunsford admitted to her sister-in-law that she would lock her son in a room, and leave him alone with strange men who were believed to be abusing him while she left to drink and gamble.

She would also reportedly give the toddler NyQuil or Motrin to stop him from crying. Family members state that the child was traumatized to a point where he now sleeps with a knife under his pillow.

Lunsford was arrested in Oklahoma on five counts of child abuse resulting in great bodily harm.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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