September 16, 2010

William Black Was A-Fapping, Walmart Employees Were A-Mopping, And Cops Were Arresting

William Black Booking Report

North Port, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - William Tyler Black, a 28-year-old North Port area substitute teacher was jailed Tuesday after he allegedly jacked off in the toy isle of an area Wal-mart with a Sports Illustrated magazine in hand.

According to North Port police, officers were called when store employees found Black in the toy isle masturbating to a Brooklyn Decker swimsuit edition of Sport's Illustrated. Store security told the officer an employee became alerted when she heard a moaning sound in the next isle. When she rounded the corner to investigate the sound, she witnessed Black masturbating with an erect penis outside his pants.

Employees then watched while Black used his foot to smear the puddle of semen left on the floor. He then allegedly wiped his hands off on a nearby toy (reportedly a toy light saber), before stashing the magazine in a pile of toys.

Investigators say Black continued to shop while employees blocked the isle so no other shoppers would become contaminated or slip on the floor.

Black was arrested and booked into the Sarasota County Jail on charges of indecent exposure and battery (by leaving harmful fluids behind). His bond has been set at $2,000.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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