September 20, 2010

Victor Alfaro-Marquez Played A Game Of Good Cop - Wanna Be Cop

Long Island, New York (The Weekly Vice) - Victor Alfaro-Marquez, a 35-year-old Long Island man, was arrested Monday after he allegedly pulled over a vehicle while pretending to be an officer, only to discover the man he pulled over was a real officer.

According to Suffolk County Detectives, Alfaro-Marquez pulled up behind Detective William Zambito at 4:30 a.m. while driving a Mercedes SUV equipped with red and blue lights on the dashboard.

Police say Alfaro-Marquez flashed his headlights at Detective Zambito so the officer pulled over.

Alfaro-Marquez reportedly approached the vehicle in a black t-shirt and replica Drug Enforcement Administration Badge. Alfaro-Marquez then pointed a bright flashlight in the detective's face, at which point Det. Zambito identified himself as an officer.

Alfaro-Marquez asked the detective if he was a NYPD officer to which the officer responded that he was a Suffolk County Detective.

Police say Alfaro-Marquez then identified himself as a DEA agent, ran for his vehicle and then fled the scene.

The real officer, Detective Zambito, wrote down the suspect's license plate number which was later used to arrest Alfaro-Marquez at his home.

Investigators say two badges, handcuffs, a pellet pistol in a holster a DEA baseball hat and matching shirt were all recovered from Alfaro-Marquez' home.

Alfaro-Marquez, who is married and owns an import-export business, was booked into jail on a charge of impersonating an officer. He has since been released on bail.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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