September 21, 2010

Two Assclowns Get Jail After Using Duct Tape To Tape Toddler To A Wall, Taunting Him With Sippy Cup

Beatrice, Nebraska (The Weekly Vice) - Jayla Hamm, an 18-year-old Beatrice woman, and her 19-year-old boyfriend, Corde Honea, were sentenced last week for duct taping Hamm's 22-month-old son to the wall.

According to investigators, Hamm held her son against the wall while her boyfriend duct taped his wrists, legs and body.

Prosecutors say that Hamm and Honea took pictures of the crying child while Hamm taunted him with a sippy cup that was held just outside of the child's reach.

Hamm was also allegedly seen in photographs attempting to teach the boy to flip off the camera.

“I charged (Honea) with a crime and he plead to it straight up,” said Chief Deputy Attorney Rick Schreiner. “The time and trouble of a jury trial would have really taxed our time, so I’m OK with it.”

Hamm allegedly admitted to police that the boy was regularly confined to a dark closet. She was sentenced to 5 weekends in jail and two 15-day sentences that can be avoided if she complies with the terms of her probation.

Corde Honea was sentenced to 36-60 months in prison for intentional child abuse.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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