September 15, 2010

Teen Dies After Trying On Stab Proof Vest That Proved To Be Not So Stab Proof

Durham Constabulary Press Release

Seaham, UK (The Weekly Vice) - David Baxter, a 31-year old Seaham, UK resident has pleaded not guilty after he allegedly stabbed a friend at a party who was believed to be wearing a stab-proof vest.

According to Newcastle Crown prosecutors, Christopher Baker (photographed on the left) was found unconscious from an apparent stab wound back in mid April.

Investigators say Baker died of a single stab wound to the chest while trying on what the suspect believed to be stab-proof body armour.

Prosecutors presented initial arguments in court back in April, stating "The defendant was in possession of what he believed to be a knife-proof vest - and he stabbed a young man with such force that the knife went through that vest and into his heart deeply."

After presenting the charges and initial statements, the judge adjourned the case until this month so that the vest could be analyzed. Those findings have yet to be released.

Newcastle Crown Court Prosecutor, Mark Giuliani said "The crown's case is this is not an accident, this was stupidity which was bound to result in what did happen.

Baxter's attorney announced that the defense will argue the tragedy was caused by "horseplay."

Following Baxter's not guilty plea, the court scheduled a five-day trial, beginning November 29.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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