September 21, 2010

Susan Miller Refused To Take Any More Of Her Neighbor’s Crap

Naperville, Illinois (The Weekly Vice) - Susan Miller, a 43-year-old Illinois woman was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly vandalized her neighbor's home with dog feces after she stepped in a pile of feces at the apartment complex she shared with the neighbor.

According to Naperville police, Miller became angry after she exited her apartment and stepped in a pile of dog droppings.

Investigators say she was "fed up with dog feces" and "decided to wipe dog feces which she stepped in on the porch of the dog owner." She then reportedly threw more dog feces at the pet owner's patio screen.

Unsatisfied still, she located a sign that instructed pet owners to clean up their dog's waste, pulled it out of the ground and then placed it on her neighbor's patio. She then reportedly placed several bags containing dog feces on her neighbor's patio.

When police rolled up on the scene, Miller was observed running on the complex grounds. When she saw the officers, she shouted that she was trying to catch her roommate's cat.

Officers took her into custody after she apparently caught the cat and placed it inside her residence. She was booked into the DuPage County Jail on a charge of disorderly conduct. She was released after posting bail.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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