September 01, 2010

Steven Skinner - Teacher - Jailed After Taking Crash Course In Family Photography

Charlotte, North Carolina (The Weekly Vice) - Steven Skinner, a 55-year-old South Mecklenburg High School English teacher, was arrested Tuesday after he allegedly used a cell phone to take upskirt photos of an unsuspecting woman and her daughter.

According to Mecklenburg Police, a woman was shopping at a Harris Teeter grocery store when Skinner reportedly tried to sneak a camera under her and her teen daughter's skirts.

Police say the victim caught onto his attempt, notified authorities and gave a description of what had happened. After investigating, police say they recovered evidence that confirmed the woman's account.

Officer's say they obtained a warrant and arrested Skinner the following day.

Skinner was booked into the Mecklenburg Jail on two felony counts of peeping - using a photographic imaging device. Bond was not set and Skinner was released on a notice to appear in court.

Skinner has been suspended from South Mecklenburg High School with pay, pending an outcome of the investigation. A letter was also sent home to parents to inform them that an arrest had been made regarding a teacher being charged with a felony involving a juvenile, according to district authorities.

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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