September 13, 2010

Six Year Old Learns Valuable Lesson - In Just How Many Asshats There Are In The World

, Ohio (The Weekly Vice) - Charles Robinson, a 41-year-old Norwood man, was arrested Thursday after he allegedly forced a 6-year-old boy to run more than a mile and then dragged the student around the field by his face mask, because the boy wasn't "paying attention" at football practice.

According to Norwood Police, Robinson was allegedly seen by a neighbor forcing a 6-year-old to run more than a mile and a half.. When police arrived at the practice field to follow up the allegation, the officer found Robinson in the process of dragging the boy "a long distance" by his face mask.

Robinson released the child after the officer ordered him to.

Police say the victim's mother, 36-year-old Chellie Bowden, asked Robinson to assist her in punishing the child.

Robinson and Bowden were both arrested as the victim's mother allegedly stood by and allowed the punishment, police say.

"It was awfully harsh for them to be punishing a 6-year-old for not paying attention," said police Sgt. Michael Spille. "Very seldom do (six-year-olds) pay attention."

Robinson allegedly told the court that he was the victim's football coach which prompted the judge to ask how a person with two violent felony convictions could be a youth coach.

The president of the victim's football team, Dave Ragle, released the roster of coaches and assistants which proved Robinson had no position on the team.

“This man is not a coach,” Ragle said. “He is not a volunteer. He has nothing to do with our organization. He doesn’t look familiar to me but that doesn’t say he hasn’t been there. The field is open. Parents and people are there all the time.''

The actual coach of the football team stated he had only seen Robinson when the man yanked the 6-year-old out of his group and wouldn't allow him to have a cupcake in celebration of a team-mates birthday.

Robinson has prior charges including aggravated menacing, resisting arrest, domestic violence, trafficking in drugs, drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia, receiving a stolen vehicle, carrying a concealed weapon, possession of cocaine, domestic violence and tampering with evidence.

Robinson was booked in the Hamilton County Justice Center and charged with endangering children. Bond has been set at $5,000 with a 10% option.

Bowden, the boys mother, was booked in the Hamilton County Justice Center; charges are unclear as she has already posted all or 10% of her $1,000 bond.

Both suspects have since denied the charges. (the neighbor and cop must have been blind).

Lacy Black
The Weekly Vice

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