September 09, 2010

Shannon Wriska Has A Burning Hatred For Jennifer Lopez - Jailed After Torching Husband’s Toys Over J-Lo Movie

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Shannon Wriska Jail Booking

Milton, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Shannon Wriska, a 34-year-old Florida woman was jailed Thursday after she allegedly set fire to her husband's boat, go-kart and Jacuzzi during a heated argument that began over a Jennifer Lopez movie.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, deputies were dispatched on a report of arson. When they arrived at the couple's home, they found a partially burned boat parked in front of the house.

Deputies were met by the woman's husband who told them his wife had set fire to his boat, go-kart and Jacuzzi because of a dispute that began after he watched a movie that starred Jennifer Lopez. He explained that his wife was jealous of the actress and didn't want him watching the movie.

An argument ensued which continued until the couple went to bed, however the wife apparently got up and left the house. When she returned the next day, and saw him drinking, she reportedly began pulling hoses off the motor of his go-kart before allegedly setting it on fire.

His wife then reportedly took a swing at him and then left the house with the family's dogs, stating that she was going to "put them to sleep."

The husband was inside his neighbor's home a short time later when another neighbor came to the door to inform him Shannon had lit his boat on fire and was pouring gasoline into his Jacuzzi.

Investigators interviewed Shannon, who stated her husband had lit his own go-kart on fire. Deputies obviously didn't buy her story.

Shannon Wriska was booked into the Santa Rosa County Jail on a felony charge of arson and first-degree battery. Her bond was set at $4,000.

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The Weekly Vice

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