September 16, 2010

Ryan Gelineau - Jailed After Breaking Into Pharmacy To Steal Prescription Meds - Found Inside Store Intoxicated On Cough Syrup

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Plainville, Massachusetts (The Weekly Vice) - Ryan Gelineau, a 17-year-old Plainville teen was jailed Monday after he allegedly broke into a pharmacy to steal medication, but was unable to escape - police found him hiding inside the store the next morning, intoxicated on prescription cough syrup.

According to Plainville police, Gelineau broke into a Plainville pharmacy after he climbed atop the building and then cut a hole into the roof using a hacksaw and crowbar. He then reportedly used a rope to drop 20 feet down into the store, where he filled a duffel bag with cough syrup bottles, more than 100 bottles of pills, four cartons of cigarettes and $320 in cash.

Unfortunately for Gelineau, he was unable to get himself back out of the store.

He was found in a crawlspace inside the store early the next morning after employees kept hearing a cell phone ringing. Officers called to the location traced the noise to Gelineau's hiding spot.

He was found semi-conscious after police believe he drank two bottles of prescription cough syrup containing Codeine while hiding in the crawl space overnight. He was taken to Sturdy Memorial Hospital for treatment.

In addition to the stolen items, police recovered a hack saw blade, crow bar and a mask that was left at the scene.

Gelineau was booked into jail on felony charges of breaking and entering, possession of burglar's tools, possession of prescription narcotics with intent to distribute and larceny.

At an initial hearing, the court heard testimony detailing Gelineaus long history of drug dependence and unsuccessful attempts of drug rehab. He was ordered by a judge to complete 30 days in rehab, before returning to court to be sentenced

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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