September 30, 2010

Rajini Narayan To Jury: “I Burned His Penis Because I Wanted To Keep Him”

Adelaide, Australia (The Weekly Vice) - Rajini Narayan, a 46-year-old Australia woman is on trial now for murder - insisting to a South Australian Supreme Court jury that she set her husband's penis on fire because "she loved him."

According to prosecutors, Narayan was confronted with the reality that her husband was having an affair when she suddenly snapped, dousing him with petrol and lighting him on fire.

According to Narayan's defense attorney, Narayan discovered her husband's affair while reading through emails her husband had sent to his alleged mistress.

Narayan's husband was laying in bed when she warned him "You say you loved her. I'm going to burn your penis. I'm going to tell your family what you have done," according to Narayan's attorney, Lindy Powell.

"He rolled away from her, turning his back on her, and said 'No you won't, you fat, dumb bitch,'" said Powell to the jury. "In that split second, in that highly emotional state, Narayan threw the petrol on her husband."

Investigators say the ball of flames that erupted from the petrol succeeded in burning more than 75% of his body. He was rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital, where he died a few days later.

While Narayan claims she only intended to set her husband's wandering willow on fire, the flames eventually spread through their townhouse, damaging most of the building.

Detectives interviewed a neighbor who told them Narayan stated that she wanted to burn her husband's penis. In Narayan's hand bag investigators also found printed emails that detailed the affair he was having and a credit card that was addressed to the alleged mistress.

Narayan, however, told the court that she set her husband's penis ablaze believing that by doing so, she would be able to save her marriage.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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