September 03, 2010

Parbati Zimmerman - Charged With Stabbing Granddaughter During Dispute Over Jigsaw Puzzle

Apple Valley, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Parbati Zimmerman Kalicharan, a 64-year-old Apple Valley woman was jailed Saturday after she allegedly stabbed her granddaughter over a dispute involving a puzzle.

According to Apple Valley police, Kalicharan was cutting peppers while her granddaughter was busy assembling a jigsaw puzzle when the girl reportedly told her grandmother to "shut up."

Investigators say Kalicharan became angry at the response, and retaliated by grabbing the puzzle box and tearing it into pieces.

When the little girl begged for the box back so she could use the example picture to finish the puzzle, Kalicharan responded by tearing the box into even smaller pieces.

Finally, Kalicharan grabbed the whole puzzle itself and threw away all the pieces.

When the little girl cried, stating she didn't like her grandmother, Kalicharan responded by going after the girl, with knife still in hand. Kalicharan reportedly chased the girl behind a couch and in the struggle sliced a 3/4 inch gash inside the girl's ear.

Investigators say Kalicharan initially denied having a knife in her hand, but later admitted to having a knife, but insisting she held the knife by it's blade.

Kalicharan was booked into the Dakota County jail and charged with second-degree assault. She was released Tuesday after posting 10% of her $15,000 bond.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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