September 07, 2010

Man Convinces Girlfriend And “Other Woman” To Play A Game Of Strip Monopoly - Yeah, This Is Going To End Well

Blackpool, England (The Weekly Vice) - Gary Williamson, a 22-year-old UK man was arrested last week after a game of strip monopoly between a man and two women ended in a jealous brawl.

According to Blackpool Magistrate Court prosecutors, the night's events began when Williamson convinced his girlfriend and another to play a game of strip monopoly. The idea involved removing an article of clothing each time a person landed on another person's rental property.

Williamson opted to play using the board game's "boot" piece, while his girlfriend chose the "battleship" and the other woman chose "race car."

Investigators say things spiraled out of control when all three were naked and the other woman began flirting with Williamson. The indiscretion reportedly sparked a brawl between the two women.

Williamson was jailed after it was reported that he head butted one woman and pulled the other woman's hair. Williamson maintained that he didn't assault the women, but merely was dragged into the conflict between the two girls while trying to keep them apart.

Charges were ultimately dropped however when both girls failed to show up for court to give testimony.

"I am glad that's not hanging over me - I shall not be playing Monopoly again," said Williamson after court adjourned.

Danny Vice
The Weekly Vice

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