September 14, 2010

Kimberley Shields-Hesketh Discovered The Naked Truth About Identify Theft

Seminole, Florida (The Weekly Vice) - Kimberly Shields-Hesketh, a 32-year-old Winter Park woman is filing a law suit after she was falsely jailed and strip searched in 2002 because a car thief had stolen her identity.

According to the Seminole Sheriff's Office, a small-time thief and cocaine addict, stole Shield's identity. The suspect, later identified as Shannon McGuire, then stole a 1987 Plymouth and was later arrested by Charlotte police. She was charged with auto theft and sentenced to three year's probation, all under Shield's name. McGuire's probation officer even knew her as "Kimberly Shields.

Investigators say the real Kimberly Shields was then arrested on a warrant issued by Charlotte County. She was taken to the Seminole County Jail, strip searched, and held for over 24 hours. However, Seminole authorities state that she was only held for four to seven hours, despite fax records from the Seminole Sheriff's Office and phone records from Charlotte County proving otherwise.

Shields, a mother of two who has since remarried, is now suing the Seminole Sheriff's Office for false imprisonment and negligence, alleging that authorities booked her into jail and subjected her to a strip search even after determining they had captured the wrong woman.

Shields, who now goes under the name Hesketh, alleges the officers compared pictures and determined that she was not actually the woman wanted by police. The officers ignored a judge's order to release her by keeping her confined for hours after receiving the order.

Seminole authorities claim that Sheilds was treated no different then anyone else, and that it always takes several hours to process an inmate.

Seminole County officials obviously sees things differently, stating that instead of suing Seminole, Shields should be thanking it's employees for "doing a great job" discovering the error and turning the findings over to the judge who ordered the release one day after her arrest.

McGuire has been in and out of Florida prisons four times, according to records at the Florida Department of Corrections.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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