September 14, 2010

Katherine Watson Was Thinking Outside The Box - Way, Way Outside The Box

Moorhead, Minnesota (The Weekly Vice) - Katherine Margaret Watson, a 37-year-old Moorhead woman was cited Sunday after she allegedly entered a Walgreen's nearly nude, and partially covered in whip cream.

According to Moorhead police, Watson walked into the Walgreen's store on Main Ave. around 5:45 p.m. wearing nothing but pasties, a thong, a small green towel, and a "whipped cream bikini".

She was standing patiently in line, waiting to purchase a few cans of shaving cream when a store patron gave her a blanket to cover herself, then called police.

Investigators say Watson told detectives that she dressed that way in public because she was trying to gain attention and get people to think "outside the box," and not conform to society's views. She admitted that she was a "free thinker," and that her actions may have been "a little over the top."

Watson was ticketed for indecent exposure. An officer transported her home.

Mandi Milenko
The Weekly Vice

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